❝I know it’s the most rock ‘n’ roll thing about me—doing what I wanna do in life.❞ - Nikki Sixx

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I was watching The Wall with my dad and I asked if he’d ever gotten high to Pink Floyd. He avoided eye contact and mumbled something so I was like, “I’ve done it, too, just tell me.” He got up and walked away omg.

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Duff live at the Troubadour on January 4, 1986.
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Happy 50th birthday to Dave “Snake” Sabo! (born September 16, 1964)
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Motley Crue - The Final Tour - Holmdel, NJ (8.30.14)

"All Bad Things Must Come to an End"

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All you will ever need to know about the Guns N’ Roses fandom.

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Rod Stewart, 1973.