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Frankfurt, West Germany 1980

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The concert last night was fucking rad and I’m gonna tell you all about it (there are some pictures in here, too!). Also “setlist spoilers,” so don’t fucking read this if you’re going to bitch about figuring out that THEY’RE PLAYING THEIR GREATEST HITS OH NOOO.

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fav Swedish bands ?

I think it would be a sin if i didn’t say Crashdiet. Gemini Five (I found them through a cover of “You Spin Me Round” and I listened to their other stuff and wow). And Vains of Jenna. I can’t think of any others right now, but I’m sure there are others omfg.

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Hey what did you think of the concert? I was able to record some great videos on my youtube. Only Crue stuff though

IT WAS FUCKING RAD. I’m gonna make a big post about it in a read more after I get through my messages. I was decently close and it was nuts.

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"All the girls were ripping their fucking pussies out for him."

—Nikki Sixx talking about the first time he saw Vince Neil perform at the Starwood
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I drove six hours straight after the concert to get home and then I slept for six hours and I have some stuff to do but I’ll make a concert post later and answer all the messages that have accrued over the week 😊

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Mötley Crüe studio albums, 1981 - 2008.
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